Pastor Travis Hearn

Game Changer - God is a Game Changer and nothing is impossible with Him. Game Changer is a book about God and how he turns messes into messages, tests into testimonies and trials into triumphs.  No matter what you’re going through, God’s got you and He will see you through. GC gets deeply personal in sharing powerful God-sized stories about how He can change any situation. In fact, doing the impossible is His specialty. God loves defying the odds to where there’s no denying it was God. No matter how dark or dire your situation might be today, God’s got your back and your game is about to change. 

Your But's Too Big - Let’s face it, our buts are too big. You’ve gotta big but and I’ve gotta big but.  Think of everything you could accomplish in life if it wasn’t for that big but. And the problem is that many times our excuses decide the direction for our lives instead of God’s uses directing our lives. BUT, I’m afraid, BUT, I’m hurting, BUT, I don’t have enough money, BUT I’m not educated, BUT, my age, but, but, BUT.  And that is exactly what this book is about: leaving your buts where they were meant to be—behind you!  If you’re ready to shake that but once and for all and live out your God-sized dreams and a life of no excuses - then this book is for you!