Class 101, Membership, is a great step for learning about the history of Impact Church, what we believe, and how to become a member of the Impact family. This Class is mandatory for membership at Impact Church, and must be attended before moving on to other classes.  

In Class 201, Spiritual Maturity, find out what it means to be more like Jesus, learn how to spend time with God through prayer and Bible study, discover the importance of tithing, and understand the value of community.  You must have graduated Class 101 in order to attend. 

In Class 301, Discovering Your SHAPE, you will learn how God can use your Spiritual gifts, Heart (passions), Abilities, Personality, and Experiences to help others.  You must have graduated Class 201 in order to attend.

In Class 401, Discovering My Life’s Mission, you’ll discover how to use one of the most effective tools you have for connecting people to God-your story!  By using your own gifts, personality, and story, you’ll touch people only you can touch. You’ll learn to communicate that story of how God has worked in your life to your neighborhood, workplace and around the world. You must have graduated Class 301 in order to attend.


For more information you can visit the Welcome Center in the lobby!