It's Easy to vecome overwhelmed when we look at life from our own perspective. But when we see things from Gods point of view, we're exercising faith. God wanted to stretch, grow, poke, and prod our faith until it's big, bold, and daring. Check out this message from Pastor Travis to learn what happens when we stop looking at life through eyes of fear and start seeing eyes with daring faith.
Did you know the Bible talks about money more than any other subject? It's important that we get God's perspective when it comes to our giving. We know that God is more concerned with our sacrifice that with the actual amount we give. Now check out this message as Pastor Travis shares more key facts about giving by faith.
Many of us are investors of some kind. We put money into stocks, real estate, businesses, retirement funds, and more. This kind of investing is for our own financial gain and it's only temporary. But there is a better type of investment. Heavenly investing is the only safe and permanent investment- it lasts forever. In this message, Pastor Travis shares 7 facts about giving by faith to God and making an eternal investment.
Imagination is the ability to think beyond where we are, and can take us to places we never thought possible. The Bible tells us that there are some things we shouldn't imagine, some things we can't imagine, and some things we should imagine. Check out this message to learn 7 ways that God uses our imaginations to build and shape our lives.
Check out this message to hear special guest speaker Pastor Leo Bigger. Pastor Leo is the Senior Pastor of ICF-Zurich (the International Christian Fellowship) in Zurich, Switzerland. ICF has 37 locations in seven countries. Pastor Leo is a dynamic speaker who has written several books and now travels and shares with churches around the world!
Love gives. You can't love without giving, and true love gives everything. Giving generously includes giving of our time, energy, effort, ears, counsel, and more... It's giving our lives away. In this message Pastor Travis and Pastor Emory share 5 spiritual facts to keep in mind when giving by faith.
What kind of seeds are you planting in your life? What are you giving away for God? Some of us have never planted a seed before. Others of us have sown seeds and become discouraged when we didn't see immediate results. Check out this message as Pastor Travis shares facts about sowing seeds with daring faith.
When the Israelites had to cross the Jordan River the water was rushing, raging, and scary. And just like the Israelites, we all have things in our lives that need to happen, our own personal Jordan Rivers, that we need to cross. What do you do when you know you should do something but you're afraid to do it? in this message, Pastor Travis shares 5 keys points to keep in mind when crossing your personal Jordan.