Whether they're health, relationship, financial or other, we all have problems. So what should we do when we're going through a trial?  What do we do when we need a breakthrough?


Sunday, August 14th, 2016
Everybody on earth is looking for the exact same thing- we're looking for fulfillment in life. But the reality is, many of us are looking in all the wrong places. In this message Pastor Travis shares 6 keys to a living a life that is truly satisfying and completely fulfilled.


What do we do when we face a crossroad? What do we do when an important decision must be made? Often times in life we seek out wisdom but what about the wisdom that isn't so wise? Check out this message from Pastor Emory to learn some important steps for seeking out the right kind of wisdom.


Moving Forward in Maturity

If you were to be put on trial for being a Christian, would there be enough evidence to convict you? A lot of people look, talk, and seem the part, but are still counterfeit Christians. Just as it costs a lot less to buy a knockoff, it also costs a lot less to be a knockoff. Check out this message as Pastor Travis shares 5 qualities of real, authentic faith.

The things that we say matter. What we say and the way that we say it creates our view, affects our emotions, and shapes the type of relationships we have. In this message, Pastor Todd shares important steps to changing our language to reflect Jesus, and how changing our language can change our lives.

Called to Love

The book of James challenges us to go to the next level, to center our lives so much on Christ that we begin to stand out in the world. Our voice must represent Jesus, and we must answer the call to respect and love all people. In this message, Pastor Emory shares keys to moving past discrimination, favoritism, and playing favorites, and keys to living a life more consistent with the nature of Christ.

Walk the Walk

The Bible has been translated into over 18K  languages and is the number one selling book in the world and in America, almost everybody has one. But many of us miss the blessings of the Bible because we're not reading it or doing what it says. Check out this message as Pastor Travis shares 5 blessings of the bible and of "Walking the Walk".

Overcoming Temptation

Temptation is man's oldest problem and goes all the way back to Adam and Eve. We all face temptations in our lives and we'll never grow too mature to be tempted. So how do we win the battle of temptation? Check out this message to learn the steps of temptation, and 5 biblical ways to handle the temptations we face.

Making Wise Decisions

Our lives are comprised of making decisions. What to wear, what to eat, where to live, where to go, should we, shouldn't we... Life is a series of choices that all matter, because they shape who we are. Check out this message as Pastor Travis shares the important actions tips we can take that will help us to avoid indecision, and make wise choices for our lives.

How to Profit From Your Problems

Many grow old but never grow up. God's goal for us is that we would all grow up and become spiritually mature. In our new series, "Journey Through James", we'll be studying the Bible's "how to" manual for growing up in maturity of faith. In this first message, Pastor Travis shares how to respond to and how we can benefit from life's problems by using them to help us grow.