God has a plan for each of us, and it's time we all move past our excuses and into God's uses for us. In this message, Pastor Travis teaches how we can leave the common excuse of fear behind, and start living out God-sized dreams for our lives.
God is actively enlisting us to be a part of what He's doing, but we can become our own limitations by getting stuck worrying about what others will think. In this message Pastor Emory shares 3 ways to leave the excuse of "But... what will people think?" behind, and gain confidence in Christ.
Pain is something we all experience. Whether it's physical, financial, emotional, spiritual... none of us are exempt. The good news is, there's never a pain in vain- there is always purpose behind the pain. Check out this message for 5 thoughts on how to handle life's hurts

Often lack of time is an excuse that we use for not doing something we really want to do or need to do. We are overworked, over scheduled, and overwhelmed. Check out this message for 4 tips for managing your time according to the Bible, so that you can start living out God's plan for your life

Because of our past we can become debilitated from pursuing God's plan for our future. Our past can be paralyzing and we can't move forward if we're looking behind. Check out this message to hear Pastor Travis share 4 keys to finally leaving your past behind!

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